So logging photoaday isn’t quite working..

You know when things just don’t quite go right.  Well that’s where I am with this.  I like the photo a day challenge and actually am taking photographs most days but the link between taking a photo, getting it onto my laptop (the hardship of removing a SD card from the camera and inserting it into the computer), a teensy bit of editing and then uploading onto here just isn’t happening.

Like 4 months not happening.

I’ve taken a lot of images on my phone as well and that should be easier – there’s an app … but I’m not using it.

What to do?  I really enjoy the photographs, I love my camera, I like sharing my favourites into the interweb but writing about them isn’t quite happening so much.  I am tempted to blame life – there’s been a lot on (seriously – it’s been busy, we’ve sold a house, are buying a house and have moved 400+ miles) but the reality is that posting my pictures just does not come high enough up my priority list for me to get round to it when I get some precious down time.   I’m only writing now as I’m in the middle of a week’s holiday, it’s quiet and I’ve had enough of knitting for a while.

I’m not quite ready to give up on this but we’ll see what happens for the remainder of 2017 and make a call when it’s time to renew the domain in December I think.

Anyway – here’s some pics starting with a small group of mostly flowers.

Followed by three very random pictures that I happen to like – a colourful tunnel under Leeds station, a birthday cake I’m rather proud of having created and a miniature steam train that was a lot of fun in the rain.

Then last but not least a small selection of photographs from the summer.   Bottom centre and the featured image are not by me – it was taken by James from Worthy Photography – if you’re in the Winchester area, I’d highly recommend them and it is lovely to have a nice memory of the family before we moved.

Hopefully back with more soon ….


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