off the wagon

I’ve been trying to write this since Mothers day, then the target was the end of March, now it’s nearly Easter.  Ah well.

Mothers day – I allowed myself one cake, even though it was lent and all.  The following weekend I went off the wagon properly, a hard week, disturbed nights and I just needed cake, and mini eggs.  Lots of them.  Then there was chocolate brownie made by my youngest stepson and that had to be tried, followed by chocolate ice cream and and and …. suffice to say, I didn’t stick to the plan after that.

Yet again however, it’s a large collection of photo’s rather than a snappy weekly update so they’re getting grouped by theme rather than date.

Lets start with nature shall we?  I do like photographing the changes of the seasons, particularly when the season is spring.  We’ve a mix of different things here – blossom, raspberries (seriously early for them to flower but hey), local views, a swan … whatever caught my imagination on the day.   There is one truly awful photograph in there – you might see a small blue vertical line – it’s a kingfisher.  Oh to have had my big lens that day, what a beautiful bird and out of 100+ photographs on my phone, this was the best of a very very bad bunch.


12 down …. 9 to go.  Next up some knitting (and a sneaky extra pic).  I started these socks about 14 months ago and they’re finally progressing – the colour way is macaron so the extra pic is of some lovely macaron’s from Karine’s in Morningside.  Then there’s a pic of the knitting shop I visited in London – squeezed in between meetings.  I just *needed* some new needles and this saved on postage.  Finally, my mother’s day knitting.  This will eventually in a very long time become my Birlinn blanket  and I enjoyed taking time as the wee one napped to make a start on it.   It’s my next travel project – as each square is knit individually it’s perfect for the train.  I just need to finish my socks first.  The blanket is by the same designer as my jumper that I’m working on.  There are no pics of the jumper as it’s a bit boring just showing sleeves – maybe next time when I’ve joined it all together (that’s for Easter weekend!)

Last but by no means least, my muses.  The poor dog had a nasty cut (bite?) so was contained in her cone for a few days but is back up and enjoying life again.  We’ve also pics from waving at planes, waving at trains, throwing balls for the dog (and that jumper had to be worn like that apparently) and going for a walk.  It’s a hard life being nearly 18 months you know.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

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