Ahead of the game

More photographs than days.  This is an odd feeling.  Not all the images are very good really though.

First up (Jan 12th) is a lovely chunky warm hat using some wonderful yarn I was gifted at Christmas.  It’s Rusty Ferret B.A.M.F yarn.  You just have to love something called Big Ass Mooshy Fluph.  Shame the pic isn’t quite wonderful – the model didn’t have her makeup on or hair done or even think that having the kitchen sink in the background isn’t the best idea.

That said, the next image of yarn (Jan 18) which is mostly Little Grey Sheep Stein Fine Wool Mini Skeins and a little Ripples Crafts Suilven isn’t much better.  Wonderful yarn that I spent an hour happily winding and then I take a photograph on my phone using lamp light at night rather than the amazing sunshine of the following morning.  Still, it’s squishy.

One of these days I would love to be better at photographing knits.

Next up a trio of scenery images.  Two of which I like and one is just a bit grey.  Last Friday (was that the 13th?) we’d had the snow the day before and it hadn’t quite melted.  This was just as the sun was coming up on the loft window.  I just liked it.  Short focal depth and quite zoomed in but the ice patterns were pretty.

Yesterday (although the date on the pic is the 19th as I’ve saved wonkily) I enjoyed a rather early morning dog walk.  This morning was even earlier so there was no light in the sky.  It resulted in a slightly camera shaken iphone image of the sunrise which I liked.

Finally, Monday’s image (although the saved date is wrong – Monday was 16th, not 15th) was taken on the dog walk.  Unfortunately it was grey and dull and a bit yawn so I’ve kept the image thumbnail sized.



Last but not least we have the random pictures.  The trainers (Saturday 14th) are a bit boring from a photography perspective but really important for me.  I went to a pilates class and walked there wearing trainers.  See – I told you – a bit boring.   The significance is that

  1. I’m well enough to do a pilates class
  2. I’m well enough to walk there
  3. I’ve not been well enough to wear trainers in about 4 and half years … it’s a big thing.

The knife really is Friday 13th’s image although I didn’t manage to either take the image then or save it in the right order.  It’s a lovely new santoku knife acquired using birthday money from 2015 at a cookery class gifted for said birthday.  I got to chop things, agressively, for a few hours.  It was a lot of fun.   Anyone in the region – I’d recommend the Waitrose Salisbury cookery school.   Once you get over the weirdness of being in the store and looking out on a coffee shop, it’s really really good.

Next up is an espresso complete with camera shake and focussing issues.   You’d think I’ve forgotten how to use my camera properly in the past year and I think you might be right.  My stepsons very kindly gave me a coffee grinder for christmas and I’ve been tinkering to get the right grind to get a wonderful crema.  On Tuesday, I just about got there.  Now all I need to do is photograph it!

Last but not least is a second image from yesterday, I stumbled across Leadenhall Market in London while looking for somewhere to take a work call.  It’s really cool so I snapped a photo to remind myself for the future.

It’s nice taking images again, and not worrying about whether they are on the camera or the phone.  It would be better if they were in focus or of better quality but that should come (slowly) as time goes by.  Hopefully you will have some patience while I get there.

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