2016 Photo a Day Week 5.

This week we had some sunshine.  It’s been wonderful.  The flowers are also starting to come out which makes me think spring might be just around the corner.  I’m not sure it should be like that so early in February but it’s a lovely hopeful sign for me.

First up are the snowdrops, delicate and pretty.  I love seeing them peek through the snow but there’s definitely no snow to be had in the South of England this year so far.

2016 Day-32

Then there’s the narcissi in the pots outside the front of the house.

2016 Day-36

And as I didn’t believe there would be sun, some cheerful flowers in the house too.

2016 Day-33

There were also scenic shots from when out and about on dog walks.

The first was actually of a camouflaged digger (can you spot it?) doing some remedial works on the river bank.  They’ve been re-building reed beds as well … the ducks like it but I think they’ve scared off the kingfisher as I’ve not seen him in a few weeks.

I’m enjoying watching the nearly adult swans lose their grey plumage and turn white.  They’re still watched over by a parent nearly all the time as well.

Then it was just the blue blue sky but I felt it was cheating taking a completely blue photo so included some trees as well.

Last but not least this weekend is a shawl that’s only taken about 18 months to complete … it should have taken about 18 days it was such a lovely quick knit.  Ah well … at least it’s done and the intended recipient can have it one winter late.

2016 Day-38


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