Jamie January

The year my husband and I were married, we had a bit of a fun cooking challenge – one new recipe a week for the year.  We got through to about the end of September before running out of steam and some of the recipes we found we still use today.   I’d been feeling in a bit of a rut again cooking wise so felt like bringing back the challenge in a reduced format.  Two new recipes per month.

Why am I writing about this?  Well, it keeps me sane while the little one sleeps!

For January, purely by chance I ended up cooking two Jamie Oliver fish recipes.

First up – there are no photos as frankly it looked a bit of a mess but it was …. from the 30 minute meals cook book and was Sticky Pan-Fried Sallops with Sweet Chilli Rice and Dressed Greens.  Now with these 30 minute meals, I always allow myself at least an hour as I don’t know how you can cook everything in 30 minutes and I am not the sort of person who prepares everything before cooking.

The scallops were easy enough – hot pan, lob in the scallops, turn them when golden and add chilli, garlic, lemon, honey and butter then finish cooking.  The one miss here was too much liquid so it didn’t go quite sticky enough but oh they tasted good.

The rice was a bit weird, you part cook it then add a mix of egg, soy sauce, sesame oil and olive oil then keep cooking.  At the end you add some corriander and sweet chilli sauce.  It tasted lovely but looked seriously like a dogs dinner.

Will we cook it again – actually yes but need to think a little on the presentation.

Next up was Jamie’s Salmon En Croute from the magazine.  Note – food photographer I am not!  It was surprisingly good and easy to follow if a bit lemony.  I’m not quite sure it needs the zest and juice of a whole lemon and wouldn’t use that much when cooking it again. We did go off piste a little in that I completely forgot the parsley (it’s still in the fridge), we couldn’t get baby leaf watercress so I used a mixed bag of it and something else and didn’t bother with the watercress sauce at all but overall it did work.

I was debating two recipes from the Fishy Fishy cook book for a Fishy february but maybe I’ll try something else….

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