2016 Photo a Day Week 2

January fairly seems to be flying by doesn’t it.  I’m writing this on Tuesday 19th … what happened to the other 18 days?  I’m sure it should only be the 4th.

This week has had some enjoyable photography and a couple of days where only the iPhone was used (mainly for taking images of the wee one).  I’ll spare you the baby photos so there are 5 images for this week.

I’m not sure what I think of the wordpress mosaic of images as it doesn’t give the focus on my favourites but I’m using a dongle this week as we’re away on holiday so it’s faster than selecting the images individually.

The week started with a shot I’m quite proud of of a swan.  It’s nearly an adult with the white plumage but the grey beak just lets you know its not quite fully grown.

The next image is of a lego camper van as I didn’t get out of the house that day.  I just liked the sun on the curtains.

Moving on swiftly from adults enjoying building lego models, the sun sets nice and early so the afternoon dog walk provided ample opportunity for silhouette shots of trees and funky clouds.

Next was something quite different – I know chemical processing plants are not pretty but actually in the early morning light with a frost all about up near Chester I thought they looked pretty impressive.  At night with all the lights they could even be considered pretty but day time it’s just a phenomenal feat of engineering.

Last but not least for the week an obligatory shot of the snow (there will be more of these in the week 3 set as we’re up in Aviemore for the week and it’s been gently snowing all day).  I like the anticipation of this one – the logs are waiting to become raised beds and are dormant under the snow for the winter.

I’ve changed my mind … you’re not being spared the baby photos completely.  Just one rather than the two but I quite like the bright colours of the toys in this.

2016 Day-14

Here’s to week three!

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