Photo a Day 2016 Set 1

Year two of photo a day.  Fun!  I like working from Monday to Sunday so this is a longish set with an extra 3 days.

Quite a few of these are from various dog walks … the challenge however is the grey skies and glum weather.  One of the nice things is not having to get up stupidly early to catch sunrise (the first image is sunrise on January 1st!)  but it was followed by a few very dull days which I don’t have the processing skill to turn into a vibrant image yet.  I do like the image of the Cathedral through the avenue of trees, it’s just missing sunlight!  Still, it’s good getting out most days and it’s nice to be taking images.  I particularly like the late sun on the clouds and a blue sky … it gives me hope.

These images were interspersed with a couple of images acquired in the house the days when I just didn’t fancy going out so played with my flash instead.   I quite like the tangerine as it’s so glossy.  The flat lay of the fleece suit for the wee one is ok, I didn’t quite have the angle correct which is a shame.  Need to think about that more (possibly a plain background rather than the cutting mat) and also how to increase the interest in the image.

I’ve been reading a lot about people choosing words for the year or themes instead of resolutions.  It’s an interesting idea but me… I prefer my challenge to take at least one image a day and taking joy in the everyday.  I hope you can take joy from the every day as well.

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