Happy 2016

7:30am on January 1st 2016 and I’m the only one awake in the house.  The  baby has fed and dozed off again and even the dog is asleep. What else do you do but pick up (the metaphorical) pen and paper and start to write?  Knit you say?  Well I’ll be doing that after this and disturbing the dog to take her round the block.

Firstly wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2016 and beyond.  In the immortal words of John Lennon (albeit about Christmas), “let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear”.

On with the show….

2016 has been a pretty life changing year in some fantastic ways.  We’ve had an addition to the family in the form of the wee one.  He’s not really so wee but he’s absolutely amazing.  I never realised you could have such strength of emotion for someone quite so small.  Here he is with his big brothers yesterday.

Day 365-2.jpg

Health wise, I started the year able to walk about 500 steps a day and not even walk the dog round the block.  I was working very part time, had to give up my allotment and found bits of the year really quite tough as ME/CFS can be pretty isolating.   I didn’t write about it much – I had energy for one thing and chose for that to try and be a positive blog a week of photographs rather than a “woe is me, I’m doing very little” type blog.  Fast forward to December where I had weeks where I averaged 10,000 steps.  Yes that’s a heck of an improvement and mostly I have the wee one to thank for this (with a smattering of good luck and some judicious pacing).  I’m one of the lucky one’s and from my limited understanding, the parasitic nature of growing a child inside you led to a suppressed immune system for 9 months.  There’s not much research but it seems to be that there’s about a 1/3 split each way for those with ME – it does nothing, you get worse or you improve.  There’s a possibility it’s helped reset my system … I live in hope as 10 weeks on, we’re still going strong.

I may update the subject of the blog – I have every intention of continuing with a photograph a day.  I definitely will be continuing to knit, plan to expand my sewing beyond a quilt, changing bag and mat to the occasional garment but the allotment is no more.  That said, we did grow a good selection of food in the garden so there may be wittering on that in 2016 and I plan to start experimenting more with cooking too.

Anyway – back to the photography.  We went out for a walk to Lepe beach yesterday.  It’s a pretty cool place with the remains of WW2 features from where they were building barrage boats for the D-Day landings.  I even got everyone to pose for a shot near a mooring point (The wee one was in a sling on me at this point. He was fast asleep and there was no way I was disturbing him to pose for a photo).

Day 365-3

There were also some spectacular cloud effects thanks to the sun, wind and rain.  I have my DH to credit for spotting this – his iPhone image is broadly comparable to mine below (taken on the X-Pro1)

Day 365

I’d also like to take this opportunity to re-post a couple (12) of my favourite images of the year.  I spent so long photographing flowers but my favourites are scenery and random objects!

Have a wonderful 2016 🙂

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