Photo a day 2015 Sets 43-49

Life just sometimes gets in the way of things … Monday December 7th and this is the first time I have turned on a computer since October 21st.  I think that might be the longest I’ve not been on an actual computer since … erm …. the early 1990’s.  I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of or not.

What caused this …. I’d like to introduce you to the wee one.  He’s currently 6 and a half weeks old and complaining that I’ve put him down … more later.

wee man

(this pic is from when he was just over 4 weeks – I think he’s fabby but I might be just a little biased)

Two days later … now it’s possibly clearer why I’ve not been posting the weekly collection of images.  In general I have been keeping up with them but more on the phone than the camera (it’s a bit heavy to lug about with the wee one and all the associated paraphernalia unless I have the pram with me) and I don’t have a good / reliable way of transferring images from phone to Lightroom yet either (if anyone has any recommendations, they’d be appreciated).

Anyway – rather than inundating with many posts of random (and frankly not my best) images to catch up with 49 days or so, here’s a potted selection of 7 of my favourites acquired using my X-Pro1. (Note they are unedited and some would benefit from some processing)

I was very kindly given many flowers to celebrate the birth of the wee one – as I couldn’t really get out of the house I spent a few days photographing them all.  I don’t actually like lily’s but loved the light on this one.  I do however like protea so there’s one of them too!



Next up it’s the dog from an early excursion out of the house …

the dug

Swiftly followed by two visits to the local Cathedral during the day (with the late afternoon sun on the main entrance) and one taken at night – no tripod (unfortunately) but a handy gatepost to balance the camera on.  I like the long exposure and the ghosts of people walking by.


and finally we have sunset over the Pentlands and sunrise in Pitlochry from the wee one’s first trip to my “home” (it doesn’t matter that I’ve lived down south for over 10 years, Scotland will always be home!).



With the arrival of the wee one, I’ve been taking a lot more portraits of him with all the family – hopefully it will help me gain confidence in that aspect of photography.

With what seems like the endless rain and greyness, I’ve also learnt a lot about acquiring images in low light conditions – being honest – I don’t enjoy it so much and the images are not as good and there are far too many that have camera shake or poor focus.  This winter I may learn to use the flash as a result.

Hoping to start keeping a bit more up to date now …. we’ll see.


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