Photo a Day 2015 Sets 40 and 41

Oh look … a second slight cheat for the year and combining two into one.  This may make the post lengthy as I actually have 11 images or so but I’d like to catch up.  It’s interesting getting behind and then rushing to catch up  – looking at lots of images at once you do work out where your comfort zone is (flowers and plants and then random household things).  When things get to a new normal, I do really want to try different things.

That said, week 40 was a bit of a mix … the week started out lovely which meant lots of images acquired during dog walks.  My favourites were some late clover, the sun on the trees on a dog walk and a beautiful rose from some flowers in the house.

Day-271 Day-272 Day-273

Then there was a slight change – the piano tuner visited and I got wonderfully distracted by the piano.  This instrument has been in the family for something over 50 years … we think it’s over 100 years old – it’s got marks where the candle sticks were when it was new!  Trying to capture the wood inlay was a bit of a challenge and it’s amazing how different piano keys look when you photograph them from different angles.

Day-275 Day-276

Last but not least for week 40 – it’s been getting colder so photographs of hand knit socks and the first fire of the year were called for (photographing fire is so satisfying with a longer exposure time).

Day-274 Day-277

Now onto week 41 and I only managed 4 images this week … well, there were more but not on different days.  I find cloudy days difficult as the light is so flat, but then again bright days are not exactly easy as the colour is bleached out.  The contrast of the grey skies to the vibrant yellow of the flower appealed to me.  The tree was turning yellow as well – just glorious.Day-279 Day-280 Day-281

Finally, another grey day beckoned so I took photographs of the mess on the kitchen table.  I am not tidy when in the middle of something but actually it reminded me a little of the staged images from the photography course, just a little less staged and a bit more stuff strewn everywhere.  Now I’m just wondering what next week will bring.Day-282

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