Photo a Day 2015 Set 39

This week didn’t go so well.  I had visitors and somehow, for lugging the camera round lots just didn’t manage to take many shots at all.  I managed 3 days during the week – pretty poor.  That said, the images I did take were on dog walks I could not have managed earlier in the year and being out and about was just amazing so maybe the pics count more because of that?

First up, we visited Hurst Castle (well – we walked out to Hurst Castle and didn’t go in).  It’s at the end of stony spit of land with a great view of the Needles on the Isle of Wight.  Last time I was here I was walking with a stick and needed rest stops en route.  This time, no stick, no stops and a lovely windy walk.  We did get the ferry back and someone enjoyed herself standing at the bow.

Day-266 Day-267

Next up was a walk up St Catherines Hill which overlooks the city.  I’d not been up here in I think 3 years. Not a spectacular pic but good to have been up there.


Finally was a walk along Farley Mount with my DH to a random monument where someone has built a memorial to their horse.  Stunning weather and I just liked the contrast of the white against the blue sky.


I had been going to combine this week and week 40 but I appear to have taken more pics the following week so am keeping this one short and sweet!

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