Photo a Day 2015 Set 38

You would think that with finishing work, and being at home all day with very little to do apart from cups of tea, lots of cake and waiting for bump to make an appearance, keeping up with the photographs would have been easy.  Apparently it’s not and I lost motivation.   Not sure I have the motivation back yet but I’m feeling a little guilty at having got this far so will just pootle onwards and try to catch up.

Week 2 of the photography course was interesting in terms of looking more at the exposure triangle, where you pick your focus points and staging shots.  It suited me a little more and the best part of a month onwards I’m still trying to think about composition more. With hindsight however, I think I possibly didn’t choose the best course for me as I’m not really trying to develop a creative style to market myself, just trying to take better pics and really I should read the description more than going “ooohhh shiny”.

I’m not going to group these into day by day but …. firstly a composition shot of flowers from the kitchen … I was playing with depth of field and some of the shots were better than others.  This one I just liked for the vibrancy of the colours even though the focus is not quite right.


Here are a further five where I was playing with mostly the depth of field (and I won’t bore you by showing the entire series of photographs going from f2 to f18), occasionally ISO and in the last one, just getting the focus point not quite right for the dof I was aiming for.  I went back to my comfort zone for these and looked to the garden and dog walks I go on.

Day-258 Day-260 Day-261 Day-262 Day-263

Finally, not related to any of this – I made a quilt!   I keep thinking I should actually write about the things I make (it’s a way to keep me sort of sane due to my preferred hobbies of running, cycling and swimming no longer being an option) and maybe I will get round to it but this was something where I’d seen the material, loved it, decided it needed to be a quilt and then worked out that I had no idea where to start.  It’s taken a while but I’m quite pleased with the end result.


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