Photo a Day 2015 Sets 35 and 36

Cheating slightly and combining two weeks worths of images into one.  I feel like I’ve barely taken any photographs over the last fortnight but it’s not true as i’ve actually photographed something 11 out of the 14 days.  However – some are point and click, most are on the iPhone and I’ve not really thought about them at all.  In many cases the focus and lighting are not great and the post processing is lacking as well.  In mitigation … there’s been a lot going on over the past couple of weeks and my focus has been elsewhere.

Excuses aside, I’ve missed thinking about what to shoot on any one day and taking my camera with me so will be making more of an effort again, especially as I started a 2 week course yesterday which will hopefully help teach me some new things as well.

Instead of a day by day / blow by blow account, I’m going to group these into themes starting with berries.  Lots of berries.  You can tell it’s turning into autumn as they are everywhere – sloe’s, blackcurrants, brambles (blackberries to those not from Scotland), some I have no idea of ….

Day-236 Day-238 Day-240 Day-244

Then there’s a set of random outdoors such as the sun through the trees, teasles, stunning leaves on the turn and Auricularia aruicula-judae or Jews ear fungus.

Day-239 Day-245 Day-246 Day-243

Finally, a tiled floor from visiting Mottisfont which I just don’t do justice to and two random things I’m attempting to sew (giant floor cushion cover and my first quilt – I’m sure they’d be way easier if I chose something with a pattern rather than making it up as I go along!)

Day-241 Day-242 Day-249

Here’s hoping normal service resumes next week.

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