Photo a Day 2015 Set 37

Hello there, I think I mentioned I was doing a photography course over a couple of weeks and I’ve been finding it really hard.  There are some really interesting pointers relating to all sorts of things both technical and artistic.  The technical I sort of get …. it’s logical.  However, one I’ve been struggling with is understanding your style of photography – do you go for light and airy, dark and moody, a colour theme, black and white or something different.  I generally just take pictures of what I see, I don’t really pose things ( a lot of people on the course do) and I’ve really struggled when we’re asked to “gather a collection of objects, arrange them and photograph them”.  I’ve ended up shamelessly copying someone as I don’t quite get this bit yet  but I think I’m coming to the understanding is that I tend to go for natural shots and maybe that’s just my style.

As with all these things … you start and then your photos immediately get worse.  Well – that’s what I’m telling myself.

Day-250 Day-251 Day-252

Here we have three completely random shots from Monday – Wednesday.  The stories behind them such as the round rocks are actually Lanzarote Lava, rounded by the sea that DH and I brought home in our suitcases 4 years ago and now sit in our hall as a memory or the roses being a lovely gift from a friend are more interesting than the images which have the white balance completely out and are really quite boring.  Hey ho.

Next up was a bit of improvement (everyone was taking lovely artfully staged images and sharing them on FB / instagram but not me) as the early morning sunlight just caught the dew on this apple tree and I’m sure the owners of the house must have thought I was a bit odd for standing with my camera for 20 minutes in their garden. (You need to zoom in to see the dew but it gives it a lovely sheen)


Followed by this, we had a visitor in the house who slept on the kitchen table all day and hasn’t been seen since it got dark on Friday evening.  Considering this was taken with a mobile phone, I’m fairly pleased with it.  Sleeping moths are good for lots of photographs.


Saturday I had a bit of a play with staging a shot which I’d been building up to all week.  My thoughts for staging something go to the berries that are abundant right now paired with leaves that are just beginning to change colours, the acorns and the seed heads but I don’t want to go out with secateurs as I believe strongly in not picking flowers / plants and leaving them in the wild for others to enjoy (unless it’s brambles and they are just asking to be eaten).  Instead I took the idea of the tea set from one of the other course participants and paired it with the rose but I don’t “get it” as in I don’t really see the point.   Maybe it needs cake?


I think I prefer the wood as a background compared to white or black but maybe I could/should go get some A3 paper to play with.  I certainly want to try using paper as a natural reflector to help with lighting and that would be easier with a white background.

Going with the natural theme / style – I do enjoy photographing flowers and I think possibly playing with the cut flowers in the house is something I can explore – maybe you’ll see that next week.

After all that photographing – would you believe I still haven’t picked up the courage to actually post any of my photos on the FB group for this for critique … I would say it sort of defeats the purpose of the course really but it is making me think more about the images I’m trying to take so that’s good.

Edit – would you believe that Monday 7th was Day 250 for 2015 …. where is the time going?  we’re rapidly approaching only 100 days left in the year!

Photo a Day 2015 Sets 35 and 36

Cheating slightly and combining two weeks worths of images into one.  I feel like I’ve barely taken any photographs over the last fortnight but it’s not true as i’ve actually photographed something 11 out of the 14 days.  However – some are point and click, most are on the iPhone and I’ve not really thought about them at all.  In many cases the focus and lighting are not great and the post processing is lacking as well.  In mitigation … there’s been a lot going on over the past couple of weeks and my focus has been elsewhere.

Excuses aside, I’ve missed thinking about what to shoot on any one day and taking my camera with me so will be making more of an effort again, especially as I started a 2 week course yesterday which will hopefully help teach me some new things as well.

Instead of a day by day / blow by blow account, I’m going to group these into themes starting with berries.  Lots of berries.  You can tell it’s turning into autumn as they are everywhere – sloe’s, blackcurrants, brambles (blackberries to those not from Scotland), some I have no idea of ….

Day-236 Day-238 Day-240 Day-244

Then there’s a set of random outdoors such as the sun through the trees, teasles, stunning leaves on the turn and Auricularia aruicula-judae or Jews ear fungus.

Day-239 Day-245 Day-246 Day-243

Finally, a tiled floor from visiting Mottisfont which I just don’t do justice to and two random things I’m attempting to sew (giant floor cushion cover and my first quilt – I’m sure they’d be way easier if I chose something with a pattern rather than making it up as I go along!)

Day-241 Day-242 Day-249

Here’s hoping normal service resumes next week.