Photo a Day 2015 Set 33

Well hello there. Still a week behind but I have sorted (and even uploaded) the images for Set 33 and 34 so maybe, just maybe I’ll be on time by the end of this week?  This week was the first week back at work and being honest, after about 2 hours the memory of the holiday was rather distant.  The joys of a sales meeting the first afternoon back and trying to sort out several hundred e-mails first things in the morning is not ideal  What that meant was that there were no photographs on the Monday.  None at all.

Tuesday, well, this was just a lucky shot while out walking the dog.  Completely unplanned and I was looking at something else entirely when this bee just buzzed into shot.  Its nice when things work out this way.

Wednesday’s picture was taken in the evening light coming through the bedroom window.  I’ve been vaguely thinking about the themes / weekly focus ideas that I was muttering about before going on holiday and realised that I don’t really tend to set up shots, I just capture what I see.  There’s nothing wrong with either approach but I’m wondering if setting up a shot would help me think about composition a bit more.  Anyway – this is a blanket which you’ll see next week when completed.


I couldn’t believe the Rowan berries are out already – it doesn’t feel Autumn enough already (as in it’s still August – the temperature and weather would have you believe it’s Autumn mostly).  I love the vibrant reds.  It made me want to go set up a composite of looking at the local flowers / plants to get the colours of the rainbow.  Maybe I’ll get round to that.


Friday was actually a lovely day this week but the morning dew was fabby.  If only I could remember what this plant is called (I should know, it’s in a pot outside my front door).


Next up is a rather silly shot taken from the iPhone.  It’s not that great but until the Saturday we were rather short on things for the impending arrival so blitzed it in one day.  It’s the only shot I took that day so that’s why it’s in here – definitely nothing to do with photographic merit.


Last but not least, we had visitors on the Sunday for a BBQ so it called for a quick blitz on the garden.  This shot really does not do it justice, we’ve the colour from the fuschia, other plants I’ve forgotten the name of in the hanging boxes, the sweet peas climbing the walls on each side with the geranium lower down.  Then there’s the practical herbs and veg and finally the textures of the grasses, climbing plants (I do know the name but my mind is blank), lavender etc.  It just looked lovely.  There must be a way to photograph this so it’s more inspiring but from the perspective of enjoying it, it was great.Day-227

I’m finding the weight of the camera (and it’s not hugely heavy) more of a chore carrying it right now thanks to the extra weight I’m also carrying.  I may switch to iphone photographs for the next few weeks apart from when at home. We’ll see!

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