Photo a Day 2015 Set 32

A slightly belated second week of holiday.  Getting back to work last week was just a little bit too busy so it’s taken a while to catch up.  I’ve still not sorted the holiday photographs but I have managed to choose my 7 favourites from the week.

We start off at an amazing beach, Roseisle.  This is a vast expanse of soft golden sands, shallow and warm seas for what feels like miles (when you’re a child) and the best thing ever, it’s not too busy.  Doesn’t sound like it’s possible in the North of Scotland but it is.  The shallow incline means the water gets warmed by the heat of the sun on the sand and considering it’s the North Sea in the Moray firth, it’s really quite warm.  None of that wetsuit milarky for kids anyway!  The views changed every minute thanks to the cloud formations and as you stroll along you come across 2nd world war relics in the form of anti-tank blocks.  Being there brought back a lot of memories from childhood holidays and it was great visiting there with my parents.


The following day taught me to always have a camera with me … this is a poor second to what my dad caught on his iphone.  From the chalet we had a stunning, large rainbow with very very clear reflection behind it and some very funky lighting effects.   By the time I’d dived through to the bedroom, picked up camera and got back – this is all that was left.


The following day I was a little more lucky in that I had my camera and the right lens to hand for this oyster catcher digging up worms.  That said, I had dragged my camera all the way round Inverness and didn’t capture one image (it’s beginning to feel a little heavy to lug about thanks to the rapidly growing bump …. I may switch to iphone in a week or two for out and about shots).


Thursday (the week was flying by), we visited the Black Isle show.  This is primarily an agricultural show and there are queues of people looking at prize specimens like the one below.  I’m not sure I’d like to have the job of leading him round by the nose as when he wanted to, he could (and did) just head off in the other direction!  There were sheep and goats and chickens and ducks and dogs and horses and and and ….. Also if you liked tractors or lorries, they had them in abundance and they were actually quite cool to look at.  It’s a funny feeling being smaller than a tyre on a combine.


The last day was a quiet one but we made it down to a favourite spot on the river spey and threw sticks for my parents dog.  She’s a challenge to photograph being so black and I have many failed attempts at this so went for some action shots instead …. I needed the shutter speed faster as it’s still blurry and possibly a better depth of field to account for the dog moving but it was fun trying to keep her in shot as she launched herself into the water.


Saturday was a bit of a write off due to being pretty exhausted but getting back home was a bit of a treat thanks to travelling on the following:


Last but not least, it was back with DH and my 3 stepsons and off to the beach – it was a bit of a failure in that we missed the dog friendly beach, we couldn’t have our planned BBQ but the sun was shining and we had nice views over to the Isle of Wight.  A good holiday!


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