Photo a Day 2015 Set 30

Well hello there from France.  Well, actually hello there from the UK – I drafted the first part of this set early in the vague hope that I do decide to leave the laptop behind for the holiday and to switch off properly.  The laptop did actually get left at home and then I found out that uploading via the app on the iPad didn’t quite work so am once again weeks behind (what a surprise).

As if that’s not enough, there’s another departure from the norm in that I’m including an image here from my DH which has sort of acted as inspiration for me this week.

The local barley fields are being harvested and on one of the weekend days, nice and early he had fantastic light and captured the above image with an iphone.   I’m a bit jealous.  I went along on Monday and that field had been cleared and all that was left was the adjacent field with flat lighting and no funky angular rows of barley stalks.  Not exactly inspiring.Day-201

Jumping days slightly to Wednesday I’m a bit more pleased with this image – the lighting is better and even though one field has been turned over and the one from my image above has now been baled, it’s a bit more interesting than flat lighting on uninspiring rows of barley, helped a little by the wildflower area in the foreground.  I suspect I need to be up even earlier to get better lighting and that golden glow (and that’s not happening this week)


As you can see from Tuesday’s image however, the dog is really quite happy that the barley has been cut so she can go racing around the edge of the field again without ending up in surgery for grass seeds stuck up her nose.


Back to today – returned home after holiday and catching up on the photos.  First up, Thursday was a busy day trying to clear the decks so the photograph is just of the yarn I planned on taking away with me.  Not the best pic I was struggling to get my brand new flash to fire and the lighting was a little flat and the focus a little less sharp than it could have been.  (more on the flash next week)


Friday is the obligatory shot from the back of the ferry as you leave the UK (had to be done).  The four photos starting with the yarn were edited on the iPad – my first attempt … they’re all a little dull on the laptop and I think it’s screen differences but it needs more investigation.


Saturday involved a late morning, quite a bit of driving and not getting the camera out until walking the dog up the driveway of the gite at about 9pm.  Big sky was the best thing available to me without tripod!
image Finally Sunday, I just liked the tractor at the gite – again, it’s a bit dull …. editing issues me thinks.


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