Photo a Day 2015 Week 29

Where shall this week take us?  We’re definitely past the half way mark of the year now, it’s rapidly heading towards August which is mildly scary, I can feel the evenings starting to change (no knitting without a light on at the oh so late time of 9pm this week).  Actually, this week was a little eventful, the doggy had a bit of an accident and tried to inhale some barley on Saturday.  This is a bad idea as not only are grasses irritating (cue lots of sneezing), they can actually germinate inside the body and cause significant damage.  Monday was therefore a little stressful with a trip to the vet, anaesthetic and a rhinoscopy (nose job) to remove the offending piece.  She came home a little the worse for wear and promptly fell asleep on the sofa with her tongue sticking out ….. not the best photo but I wanted the memory.


Tuesday to Thursday were less eventful.  The dog was on “short” walks while she recovered so I took advantage of this and just mooched down to the river.  Here we have a flowering bramble (some are just about producing fruit already as well), a slightly older moorhen chick and something that is pretty and purple and I’ve not yet identified.

Day-195 Day-196 Day-197

Then suddenly it was Friday – where had the week gone?  We were very lucky on Friday to be out with good friends for dinner in one of the (many) old mill buildings where we live.  I’d like to go back and try to photograph it properly – the wrought iron work is really nice, as is the facade and there are so many features to look at and with the light at a co-operating angle it could be brilliant.  This image just does not do it justice.


Saturday, unsurprisingly was a day of recovery – as such, I resorted to one of the hanging boxes in the garden for inspiration.  Just wish I’d taken the image earlier in the day when the light was less flat.


Finally, this image is overdone – you see it about quite often on social media etc but it was so nice and sunny that we felt we deserved an ice cream so took the dog through the cathedral grounds to the good ice cream van (the dog got an ice cream too).  It was too tempting to not try for this pic myself.  I’m fairly pleased with it.


And there you have it …. firstly bad grammar as I started not only a sentence but a paragraph with the word “and” but also another week of images.

The next week is slightly up-in-the-air as we go on holiday on the Friday and I’m debating whether to bring my laptop or not.  I’d sort of like to leave it behind but I’m quite enjoying playing with photographs at the moment and have no idea how to work lightroom on the ipad yet.  We will see.  It may mean photo a day blog posts are delayed but seeing as I can be fairly erratic with this anyway it doesn’t really matter.

When back (it’s only 2 weeks, not exactly a big thing really is it?) I have some ideas for a few weekly themes …. I quite like this idea of challenging myself to actually focus on something, even though I do like chronicling local flowers.  So far my list is:

  • Portraits
  • Flash photography
  • Architecture
  • Monochrome
  • Landscapes
  • Wildlife.

We’ll see how it goes.

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