Photo a Day 2015 Week 28

Back to wildlife, well, flowers this week.  They don’t ignore the camera, pull funny faces or regard you with suspicion for trying to photograph them.  Monday I was still recovering from the previous week so the first two images are from Tuesday and Wednesday taken on dog walks of some of the random flowers and the selection you can see when you just look down at the ground.  The first one was particularly lovely in that it was a field of purple.  The second was taken out at Stockbridge down and at first glance it looked like open scrubland until you saw the variety of plants all living together.

Day-188 Day-189

Thursday I had the fortune to get out for a dog walk with a friend.  Where I’d hoped to stop and take photographs turned out to be a bit of a dud – the local college are draining their bit of the river – whether for dredging to improve water flow (managing potential future flooding risks via a side tributary of the main river which carries most of the water volume?) or to improve their rowing route I doubt we’ll ever know but it did make it look a bit like a scar on the landscape rather than the beautiful river it normally is.  As a result, I went for the footpath further on instead and quite like the dappled shade on the path.


Friday and Saturday were acquired close to home.  The thistles are just coming out and are stunning and then I was captivated by this back to front strawberry in the garden.  The strawberry is not as sharp as I would have liked – lesson learned, don’t wait until the light is fading before taking your photo of the day (or go upstairs to get the tripod) – I ended up at ISO 3200 with an aperture something less than 4 (it may have been 4, it may have been 2.4 – my brain doesn’t remember) to get the shutter fast enough to avoid much shake.

Day-191 Day-192

The final shot of the week was of the dog waiting not very patiently by the front door to be taken outside.


I’m debating having a few weeks where there’s a theme as I seem to revert back to my favourites of macro flowers at every opportunity.  I might start this after the summer holiday in a couple of weeks but first, I just need to get through the next 8 working days to the two weeks off.

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