Photo a Day 2015 Week 27

This was a hard week – it was always going to be.  Travelling up on a Sunday (to save a 6:30am train on the Monday) followed by conference set-up on the Monday and three full days of conference Tuesday-Thursday.  I got through it, possibly better than I expected but the after effects are still ongoing a week and a half later.

Unfortunately it also makes for some fairly boring photographs as Monday – Thursday I was either in the conference centre or at the hotel resting.  Turns out finding exciting things at conferences to photograph is a challenge, the view from the hotel room was slightly better but the most interesting thing was the water droplets on the shower wall (scraping the bottom of the barrel here).   I’d been all excited about this being the week we reach half way through the year and one of the conference photos was taken on our booth at the appropriate time and really the old railway hall should have been good for some more interesting shots but I just couldn’t find them.


Day-181Day-182 Day-183

Friday was a better day – coffee with friends and their weans so I’m including a triple here, one of each of the children.

Day-184 Day-184b Day-184a

Saturday was back to my favourite muse but she still does not seem to like me pointing a lens in her face so lots of ignoring me and this is the only shot of her even looking towards the camera (whilst regarding me with suspicion). I don’t think portraits are really my thing (not without a lot of practice).


Sunday was a bit of a write off due to being exhausted and sore and having to fly home so only the six days here …. a bit of a let down to be honest for the half way point of this project.

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