Photo a Day 2015 Week 26

In week terms, we’re half way there!!!!  I don’t know whether to be excited or worried that half the year has pretty much flown by.  Yes I know in terms of day numbers, Day 182 is July 1 and Day 183 is July 2nd so somewhere in there is the actual half year and depending on how July 1st is going when I get there, I may try to take a photograph at midday but it is conference week so that may not be an option really.

Anyway, back to this week and I’ve made a conscious effort to be slightly more varied so there are fewer flowers this week.  That said, we’re starting with one.  I’d been down to the field with the dog, not found inspiration there and just as I was getting home (it’s 200m at a push so not far) the sun came out and just lit up this flower.  It’s completely as-captured (with a little bit of cropping as I had an 18mm lens on) and I was quite pleased.


Tuesday was another day working from home and I was feeling kind of blue.  Completely by chance everything I was wearing and my toes and nails were blue.  Thanks to bump I couldn’t quite get feet in the picture sensibly so I went for the easier option of hand, top and jeans all in shades of blue.Day-174

The next morning was back out again and the dog was soaking ….. thankfully the tarmac was dry so I could sneak a pic of her paw – this was from the iphone actually.


Moving swiftly on to Thursday and a landscape (see – nearing the end of the week and only one flower shot so far) taken over towards my old house again – the dog had wonderful fun in and out of the water chasing a tennis ball and it’s so green and lush at the moment.  You walk up one side of this bit of the Itchen (it’s split into a number of waterways due to the shallow valley) and then back the other. Just lovely.


Friday’s image was actually acquired on Saturday but that’s purely because I didn’t get the focus right and had to return to try again.  Yes it’s a flower shot but I was busy chasing the bees.  We had at least four different species visiting the lavender in the short time I was there taking lots of out of focus pictures and out of the many where i tried to capture flight, this was the best.  Unfortunately I missed a shot with the wings back but I’m pretty pleased with this.  I will spare you all additional photos of the bees knees (they’re cute because they’re pollen encrusted and I have photographs and electron micrographs of them but it may be a bit much)


Saturday was a good morning for me.  I went to a class on using your sewing machine.  Geeky yes but really enjoyable and I’d recommend Aly at Bobbin Sewing School in Winchester.  Very patient, reassuring and you come away confident in what you were being taught in.  I certainly didn’t expect to walk out after 3 hours (and actually this was only the last 45 mins really) with a cushion cover having tried many different stitches, seaming, hemming etc.  Really pleased with my FO – I may become polycraftural.

Day-178Being away with work this week, I am drafting this early and will schedule the post for sometime Monday (isn’t wordpress clever) – Sunday’s pic may sip into Week 27 rather than continuing my streak of posting weeks late as I’ll not have my personal laptop with me 🙂

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