2015 Photo a Day Set 25

Well hello, nearly caught up – only a week behind now!  And still no photographs of Lions or Elephants or Rhinos or Buffalo (we only spotted one Leopard and she was exiting stage left – a blurry photograph of a tail wouldn’t do her justice).

This week was a busy one starting off with on-boarding (why do they call it that?) a new member of my team.  In practical terms, it meant no photograph on Monday.   Tuesday however, was an opportunity to get out and down to the river close to my old house and it was lovely being able to meander along here and see that the swans are still in their usual spot.


Then of course, by Wednesday you realise that you’ve overdone it with two days in the office and a longer than usual walk so it was back to the local field where today it was the turn of the daisy.  I would say it’s like a carpet of white flowers at the moment but they are knee high up to thigh high.


Thursday was another short dog walk but this time in the rain in the morning.  It is a juggling act with a walking stick, camera, dog lead etc.  Umbrella’s are not a good option unless you want to grow a third arm.


The other reason for the short walk on Thursday morning was preserving the legs for getting through Southampton and Edinburgh airports and at Edinburgh they like to make you walk and I hadn’t requested assistance this time.  The photographs from Edinburgh got slightly jumbled so I’ll show them without splitting them into days as they are three well known features of the city.   I’m still trying to work out what is being celebrated by the flower clock and where the hands went.




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