2015 Photo a Day Set 24

Well,  this week was back to work and back to normality and back to British flowers.  Flowers are very cheerful and I find it interesting seeing what can be spotted each day and also how they change with the seasons.

Monday’s specimen I don’t actually know the name of and it proved surprisingly challenging to photograph – the white tended to be seriously overexposed so finding focus was a challenge.  This was the best of a not very inspiring selection.


Tuesday was the turn of one of the many different grasses in the local field followed by one of the flowers on Wednesday (again without a name – I need to get a wildflower book).  The field proves to be never-ending as a source of inspiration for photographs for me as it’s different every day.



Thursday I cleverly forgot to photograph anything and after working too late I didn’t fancy much of an evening meal so had a bowl of cereal.  The seasonal fruit (yay for it being strawberry season again – they taste so much better at the moment) served as inspiration.


Friday I was suitably recovered from the food incident of the previous weekend to head out for a longer dog walk over the fields …. it’s not a long walk, just longer for me.  It’s been lovely watching the barley grow and the whiskers form and as I’m writing this a couple of weeks later it’s actually great seeing the fields turn slowly golden (I hope to get a shot of that before it’s cut but we’ll see) but on this occasion, I spotted a patch of red in the field adjacent to the footpath.   I’m hoping the farmer didn’t mind me nipping through the hedgerow to capture them.  Poppies are just beautiful.


Saturday is a FO picture (finished object in crafting terms).  This was a gift for a friend with a newborn and I know it’s been safely received so I can safely post without spoiling anything.  You see some amazing garment or FO photography and it’s not a strong point – however spending hours choosing and buying buttons is.  I’m developing a collection and there are some fabby buttons out there.  Funky, quirky, cute …. just take your choice.  You can get them to match just about anything as well …. I need a bigger button box I think.


Then finally we get to Sunday and I wanted to capture the Peonies in the back garden.   Unfortunately it was dull dull dull all day in terms of lighting so it’s not the most inspiring and getting the pink Aubretia against the huge peony heads to shine was a no-go (yes I could have spent ages post-processing to get them there but part of me still thinks you should just capture the image right, at the right time rather than post process – I may be a film photographer at heart still).  Still…. they’re stunning flowers and so many different ones about at this time of year … just lovely.


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