2015 Photo a Day Set 23

Getting back from holiday has led to things being a little busy on the work front and with family things at weekends I’m somewhat behind.  I’ve not managed to trawl through my far too many photos of lions and elephants for a planned post on the Big Five from SA … instead, I’m going to try and catch up on the photo a day and then sort them out for the weekend.  I live in hope.

Monday to Thursday of this week (it feels soooo long ago, not just 20 something days) were still on Safari and show a sunset, three oh so handsome cheetah’s (I’m reusing this pic but they are just so photogenic), my favourite animal of all, the rhino and a spotted hyena. I’m not going to write many words, just post the pics.

Day-152Day-153 Day-154 Day-155Thanks to a bout of food poisoning, I took absolutely no photographs for the Friday and Saturday, preferring to sit and feel sorry for myself instead. By Sunday I was sort of up and about again and made it down to the local field where all the wild flowers have come out (you’ll be seeing a lot of these over the next few weeks) so I took the opportunity to take a rare photograph of my DH (the lighting is not great on his face but it’s the best short I got).  A week on holiday together and we managed to only take photographs of one another on the flight out and once back.  We both need to do better!


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