2015 Photo a Day Set 22

So it turns out that while being on holiday, you can get internet and mobile reception, it’s not that great and certainly not brilliant for uploading photographs and blogs.  Just under a week late and this may be one of the more bizarre photo a day sets where we start looking at the fantastic herb planter in the garden, ably constructed by my DH.  It’s so cool!


Then it’s a random jump to meet Susie, the most complete Stegosauraus ever reconstructed.  She was a challenge to photograph without a flash (I really should invest in one at some point) or tripod as it’s dark, everyone is moving around you and trying not to up the ISO too much so it’s grainy while keeping some depth of field and a decent shutter speed.   It’s a long way from a good shot but it’s the best I could do without physical camera stabilisation.

Day-146Wednesday is an iphone snap of the dog in the local field of Barley where she was having a lot of fun.  The farmer had been up and down the rows the day before and it meant long runs of straight lines where you just occasionally saw a head popping up!

Day-147This was swiftly followed by another iphone snap, this time from the link under Heathrow T5 out to the C gates and no, I don’t think one part of this image is in focus but it was the best I managed.  When you’re a bit of a wobbly walker you can request assistance which is great – it’s a wheelchair round the terminal then buggy to your gate which means no queues, escalators, getting on the transit trains, early boarding to the aircraft and they generally provide an excellent service for free.  It also means you get to travel along side tunnels not normally seen by the public.  Quite cool.

Day-148What made it even more cool was the A380 waiting at the other end of the tunnel and going on holiday!  There will be blogs with far too many photographs to follow on the holiday.  Instead of one photo a day, it was many photos a day!

The last three images from this week are of course, holiday snaps …. although this was a holiday with a difference.  On the first game drive we met this beautiful, very black zebra who seemed quite happy to pose for us in the evening sun.


The next morning the water hole at the lodge was visited by a sounder of warthogs (collective nouns are great and I’ll witter about them far too much given half a chance). Day-150

Finally, to round off the week, a rockstar with his breakfast.  He’s a one year old male lion just beginning to grow his mane and the fuzzyness leads the rangers to call them rockstars …. very ’80’s.   He was really enjoying finishing his food and this is one of about 160 images I still need to sort through!

One thing I found was having such fantastic scenery has made me love the camera even more … now I just need to learn a bit more about composition and also post-processing!

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