2015 Photo a Day Set 20

This week appears to have been largely about the local plants.  With spring having sprung the variety of flowers and things to look at seems endless so I’ve put on my 60mm macro lens (effective 90mm) and have been mostly looking at plants.  First up are the iris’s down by the river Itchen.


The following day I saw my first duckling of the year.  Not the best image as I didn’t have my full zoom lens and the mother was a bit freaked out by woman with stick and dog stopping to point something black at them.  We had fun, well, I had fun trying to improve the angle but she was not for having it.


Then it was the turn of the dandelion.  This is underexposed about 1.5 stops.  Trying to get focus at proper exposure proved to be too much as the white of the dandelion head was so bright compared to the greenery surrounding it.  I learnt something as I’d never tried this before and I’m pleased with the result.


Thursday I didn’t quite get out of the house with the camera so having listened to a podcast about not confusing light sources in the house (house lighting has a different dominant wavelength to natural) I put my yarn for a baby blanket together.  The green square is how each one will look and I’m using a mix of the green, yellow and blue to make the blanket.  I liked how one was still a skein, one had been wound to a ball and one was a blocked square.  Slight DoF issues due to a poor choice of shutter speed and ISO to get a good aperture size but it’s ok.Day-134

Friday was a comparatively early morning shot for me – 7am and there was dew everywhere.  No idea what this plant was but I had a lot of fun trying to get the droplets into focus and playing with the light refracting into rainbows from them 🙂  I chose a droplet sort of focus image for the day.


Saturday was a garden day as the weather was so nice and when we took the dog out for a short stroll she was that happy I just couldn’t resist ….


Finally, flowers from the conker tree to finish the week.


I’m quite pleased with the photos from this week 🙂  Maybe I’ll keep my macro lens on.

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