2015 Photo a Day Set 19

This week was back to the grindstone with work and I just missed the Monday.  Tuesday however was a visit to see customers just adjacent to the Shard so I had to try for a shot.  One day I’d like to see the view from the top rather than the bottom.

Day-125The following day I was surprised by how much the local field had changed over the past couple of weeks.  It’s as if spring has just flung itself onto the landscape and the tiny little grass like stalks are suddenly long enough to completely hide the dog (she is there but I couldn’t spot her).


The next day I was a bit tired so it was a case of looking at the pansies outside the front door.  i’ve been trying to use manual focus a bit more to improve focus for macro images and need to learn to review the shots immediately … this was the only one of about 25 that was (just about) in focus.

Day-127This seems to have been a grey week with the next shot from the local river.  The photographer has recommended cropping to improve landscapes and it is helping somewhat.  How to make a drab day look exciting however, I have no idea as there was just not enough light to cast shadows.


Alfred however had some early evening sun, lots of texture and other challenges in how to bring out the contrast without making the sky so bright you couldn’t see him.


And finally Sunday another tired day so trying to capture natural light on some lovely lovely new yarn. I love the colours but getting the balance of ISO, shutter speed and DOF right without shake proved a little much for me on this one and I’m not 100% happy with it.


Writing this somewhat late and having just flicked through some of my history of images, I’ve realised I spend quite a bit of time looking at nature.  Plants rather than wildlife as they tend not to move so quickly (there are many many deleted photographs of attempts of shooting birds, ladybirds, bugs, dogs, deer, cows etc all just out of focus).  They’re also easily accessible – I can get to three different fields within 2 minutes from the house (and within the distance I can walk) plus there’s the garden.  Getting out to London for work or my local city centre where Alfred resides has generally been a bit more challenging so I’ve looked very little at architecture etc.

I also enjoy trying to take images outside rather than inside – yes I like photographing yarn and creations I find it much more satisfying to capture the outdoors and the changing seasons and the indoor shots (unless it’s showing off a finished item) are much more related to days I can’t get out due to the ME and am trying not to miss a day.   That said, I’m getting more mobile so I wonder what the next few months will bring photo wise.

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