2015 Photo a Day Set 18

What a week.  I can certainly recommend a visit to the Assynt area of the UK, it is spectacular even if it is a bit of a long drive from the South of England.  We only had a few nights there before relocating to the borders which are also lovely but not quite the same as being so far up North.  I’ve struggled to choose one image for each day but will put up another post for some other images later.

Monday we visited Clachtoll on the coast, it’s a beautiful beach and we had a lovely walk along the coast a short way to see a man about a Broch.  The rocks and the sea were just phenomenal.  I’ve always loved looking at the sea breaking on the shore and the spray but the rock formations were pretty special as well – huge slabs having just sheared away at an angle, just spectacular (and that’s before I start on the colour of the sea etc …


The following day I liked the view of Quinag from a very gentle meander (it’s all my tired legs could do) round a lochin (small loch or lake if you’re not used to the Scottish description).  I missed getting a good shot of Suilven which dominated the landscape for much of our short stay up there.  I’m wondering if having interesting landscape makes landscape photography much easier as some of the images acquired were so much better than those I’ve grumbled about before.  That said, seeing what the photographer can do with them is phenomenal … so need to learn to use Lightroom properly!


This next image is of Rosslyn Chapel.  If you’ve read the DaVinci Code, you know where I mean.  I just liked the unusual angle of this and the beautiful red and yellow sandstone.  Well worth a visit if you’re ever near Edinburgh.


and now we’re onto images near Peebles in the Borders, sunset and sunrise from the hotel room.   The third image is notable only in that it’s me on a bike.  I’ve not been able to cycle in 3 years now and we hired an e-bike for an hour for me to try.  The grin after the first wee shot was immense so although it’s not the best image, it’s in there for posterity.




Finally, it’s about time I took another crafting image so please meet Duncan who was finally finished on Sunday.


This may be my first week without flowers!

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