2015 Photo a Day Set 16

A short one this week.

To start with, I’m going to have to ask the photographer in the house (yes I have a (tame) professional photographer in the house) how to make landscapes interesting.  This was a stunning warm day up on one of the downs.  Lovely scenery and views and frankly, it just looks bland (and this was the best shot). Day-104 I appear to be a bit better at macro style flowers … but that is helped by the tulips being particularly vibrant in the late afternoon sun. Day-106 This next one was taken looking through an alleyway to the high street in the city I live.  It’s the oustide patio of a not particularly wonderful pub but I’d completely forgotten how nice the metalwork is.  One good thing for this project is that I’m looking a lot more at things. Day-107 For the weekend, I had to include a photograph of the workers.  The photographer is in the foreground helping out and my DH has hidden behind the youngest.   Not an exciting image but a record of the backbreaking (according to them) work to clear the moss from the front garden before we put down bark and pots.  I’ll have more images when it looks pretty again. Day-108

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