2015 Photo a Day Set 15

In this post we reach Day 100!  Woohoo!  That’s a whole 27.4% of the way through 2015.  Maybe I should be waiting until mid afternoon on April 24th which is 33.33ish% of the way through 2015.

This week most of the images were taken in Scotland where I was staying with my parents for the week for work.   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are all images of little people.  Monday’s was particularly frustrating.  I was out with some friends I went to school with (and that wasn’t yesterday) and their assorted children.  I photographed all 7 children and all the adults.  Out of all of that, this handsome chap was the only acceptable one.


Tuesday and someone else to photograph – she has modelled before but today she was more interested in emptying cupboards.  However when she turned to look into the oven, the lighting was great so i’m quite pleased with this one.


Wednesday was with one of the friends from Monday and we were out in the local woods with the dogs.  I’ve got some great facial expressions of row row row your boat but this one made me smile as they were both having such fun.


The next two were actually taken on the same day in a deserted university on the way to a meeting.  Helpfully I was a day out so went out on the Friday particularly take an image on Day 100 and was a day late.  Muppet.  Anyway, the weather was sooooo good that I cheated and put two photographs from the same day in (day 101) and I particularly like the cloisters image.  I’d actually spent quite some time playing with the light and shadows of the sun streaming through the stone pillars and this image was snapped just as I was finishing up – the warmth of the glow from the sun was so much nicer compared to all the others that this is the one chosen.


Finally my last two were also taken on the same day but I had spotted the magnolia tree along the road from me as I was finishing the drive back to my home.  I was too tired to get the camera out at that point so went back the following morning.  I didn’t have a sufficiently zoom lens as this was in someones garden but the overall effect was ok.  No idea what the other tree was but the yellow/green glowed in the sunlight.


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