2015 Photo a Day Set 14

The start of another catchup session.  The photos (sorry, I should say images) were taken and processed but I was away and my laptop charger was at home so they were stuck on my laptop languishing for a little while.

Following the visitors over the weekend for birthdays and proper tea/cake, Monday 30th was yet another busy day with a visit to the office.  Another day where no photographs were taken.  This is turning into more of 5 photos a week rather than a photo a day.

First up on Tuesday 31st was a slightly unwilling model sat in his favourite seat in the house.  This was a break from learning to program minecraft plugins in Java over the Easter holidays.  Slowly learning that indoor photography when you don’t have a flash benefits from a higher ISO.  This one is only ISO800 but it was still full daylight.


Wednesday 1st April so I thought a photograph of spring was needed. This is a blackthorn.  Random botanical fact – hawthorn goes into leaf before flowering, blackthorn flowers before leaves grow.


Another missed day on the Thursday as I was desperately trying to clear the inbox before Easter and then on Friday we nipped into the city for some bits and bobs and try as I might, I could not make a wet rainy morning look sunny.Day-92

April 4th and we’re on Easter Saturday.  My DH had brought me back this lovely posy from a walk in the morning.  Another indoor photograph where I’m learning ….. ISO ended up being up about 1600 as I needed a minimum of f5.6 to get most of the flowers in focus.


Easter Sunday.  I took so many shots of landscapes and easter things and tbh none were very good so used my parents dog as a model instead as she was more willing than my dog to pose.


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