2015 Photo a Day Set 13

This was a bit of a mixed week starting with the nearly obligatory (or that is how it is now seeming to me) image of the flowers in the house.  Tulips are such cheerful harbingers of spring.  It led me to a bit of a spring theme for a couple of days – catkins and the first bees of the season on Tuesday followed by the hawthorns bursting into leaf on the Wednesday.


I’m learning that with the sensor on my X-pro 1 I do not need to be quite so afraid of upping the ISO so I can have some depth of field in the house under not great light conditions without it going grainy.  Not quite 100% there yet (as at least one of the tulips was out of focus) but it’s getting there.


Apart from having the wrong lens to really zoom in on the bee at the bottom of the frame (and it’s an even more boring image if I crop on the bee) I’ve learned here that they never stay still … getting it in focus was a challenge and this is only one I kept of about 50 images.


Late afternoon / early evening sunshine makes for some lovely lighting of the hawthorn.  There’s a whole hedge of them and it’s great how they synchronise and all transform from brown to green in a matter of days.  I’d forgotten about the “golden hour” – must get out more when the light is that good.

Thursday however was a no-go.  Work got in the way and I completely failed to take an image of the conference room or view from the hospital windows where the conference was being held from my iPhone.  I did remedy that on the Friday with a moody shot (It was not taken in black and white but the sky was that grey it looks almost like one) of the hospital landing pad taken just after we’d finished day 2 of the conference.

Day-85Saturday and Sunday were family days with two birthdays being celebrated and a house full of visitors.   It was an excuse for afternoon tea and cake in a harlequin tea set that originally was a 50th wedding anniversary present given to my great great grandparents.  It was lovely to see it being used but the boys didn’t quite get the harlequin and matched the colours up!


The last image of the week was recording an amazing hamper of fruit, eggs and random fig chocolate sausages – the scale of it needed to be photographed to be believed!


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