2015 Photo a Day Set 12

Finally – back up to date!

So… this past week I’ve finally managed a photograph every day again – yay!.  They’re not in order but sort of suit this other arrangement.

This first photograph really should have the exposure increased to brighten it up but it really wasn’t that spectacular a day and I wanted to remember it how it was.  It’s not much but this is the first time I’ve made it round this triangular field and seen this view since last August.  It was a great feeling although I did overdo it a little and paid for it later in the week.


Next up is a random green leafed plant that has been in the garden for the last couple of years and it flowered!  I just had to take a photograph of the blossom.  Two days later, the sun was out and I spotted the first green shoots on the clematis.


When the sun was out and the dog just wanted to be outside in the garden all afternoon so she obliged to sit for a quick photo.


The above photo shows the grass before we attempted to “improve it”.  200l of soil improver and a lot of grass seed and currently it looks like a bit of a mess …. but hopefully, just hopefully we’ll have some new green grass soon and a lawn that looks a bit less patchy.  Fingers crossed.Day-81

The last two are the last produce from the allotment.  Daffs (yes, yet another daffodil photograph) and some rhubarb and ginger jam which tastes delicious if I do say so myself!  These are also my favourite images of the week – the vibrant colours just pop out to me.


Hopefully next Sunday will be back to normal with images once a week.

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