2015 Photo a Day Set 11

I cannot believe how quickly March is passing.  We’re rapidly approaching 1/4 of the way through 2015.

This is another week of 6 images as I missed Monday as I was still recovering after visiting Edinburgh.

Tuesday I still wasn’t for leaving the house so thought it would be nice to capture the flowers in the pot on my doorstep.  I can’t remember what they are, the yellow ones are primroses but the purple ones I just cannot remember.   They are brightening the front door until my tulips come out.


The following day was grey and miserable.  I’d had to go to Oxford and then to the office when I really just wanted another day working from home and the image below just matched my mood.  Grey and bleugh.


So … to cheer myself up I took an early Easter photograph.  These are from my parents and there is one for each of the boys, myself and my husband.  The youngest and I have a bet on to see if we can persuade his dad to eat his bunny this year.  We ate last Easter’s for him in January (just to make sure the chocolate didn’t go off).


This is an iphone image … we have quite a number of swans locally.  Whenever I take my Fuji down to the river, they are in one of the other areas (the Itchen near Winchester has any number of routes through the Winnall Moors and they just seem to know to avoid even my long lens).  Not a great image but I was determined to get something from them.Day-72

Saturday was actually a little bit of a sad day.  With my M.E. as it is right now, I can’t really dig and much as I find the allotment a hugely satisfying and relaxing place to be, not being able to turn over the soil, start planting, weed properly etc is not great and the plot will become a source of stress as the weeds take over.   We’d worked really hard last year to get rid of a lot of the horrible deep rooted weeds and the thought of letting them take hold again was rather unwelcome.  I’d contacted the site convenor and arranged that it was time to hand back the key and allow someone else to take the plot forward and I hope that in a year or two I can start again.  So … up we went to clear out our oh so funky stripy shed and came away with the first of our forced rhubarb, some purple sprouting broccoli and lots of leeks.  The pinks of the rhubarb were stunning and just called out to be photographed.  The black is actually from our worktop – I’m actually quite pleased with this.

Day-73 And then finally – taken on my phone, not by me (my first guest photographer) and the first actual proper Sunday photograph of me (but not really a Sunday selfie).  It’s not a photograph I’m particularly comfortable with if I’m being honest, I don’t really like photographs of me, especially with no makeup and my hair not done but I wanted to show my boys the fabulous slipper socks (which I’ve worn all week) and my wonderful new scarf (and they picked a colour I didn’t already have).  There’s also a blue trowel in there – the youngest made that for me at school.  It’s the first time I’ve been made anything and it is soooooo cool.  I’m very touched by their thoughtfulness – a fantastic (step)mothers day gift.

Day-74Look – nearly up to date one more post to go!

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