2015 Photo a Day Set 10

This was a better week in terms that I managed 6 photographs – progress!

Monday – it was a beautiful sunny day down by the river.  It must be getting warmer as the dog was straight in the water.  Really nice to have a lovely sunny day and a nice opportunity to photograph scenery.


Then of course – more flowers … there may well be some in each set.  I just love how you pick them (or bring them home from the shop) all closed up and green and 48 hours later they are a riot of yellow.  Focussing on them however is a little bit of a challenge when using overhead lights at night … I need to try a higher iso and slightly lower fstop to get the depth of field I want.


Wednesday was a bit of a day.  For someone with M.E. going up to London to give a customer demonstration, dashing off at lunchtime to get home, pick up my bags and get to Scotland is a little bit much.  In fact a lot a bit much.  Yay for the Edinburgh Airport staff who help you with a wheelchair!  I should have photographed them but my camera did not appear all day.

The crocuses the next day in Edinburgh were just beautiful.  What I really needed to do was hop a fence and get down to ground level to get the image the way I wanted but I was not about to risk that so this will have to suffice.  Much more impressive than the measly 2 which have appeared from the many that were planted in my garden.


This next shot was taken just outside Glasgow on the low level line on my way back to Edinburgh after Friday meetings in Glasgow – some of the brickwork construction on the railway is amazing and I’m sure underappreciated.   Unfortunately they were past before I could work out how to minimise the reflection from the window and the brighter lights inside the carriage but I captured what I could.

Then it is time for a ta-da photograph. I had threatened lots of images of this in-progress.  I do have them but actually had other, hopefully more varied images to put up here (although the flower theme is definitely recurring).  This picture also sneakily hides the fact that I’m one button short as I can’t count and only took 4 to Edinburgh!


And finally, this was the recipient of the Easter cardie but she just didn’t want her photograph taken that day – every other image I managed was of her retreating back!Day-67

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