2015 Photo a Day Set 9

This week didn’t quite go to plan.  Only four days out of 7. Ah well – you win some you lose some but at least we’re now almost at March and I’m catching up.

This is just going to be a short summary of the images rather than a lengthy post I think.

Monday – I completely missed.

Tuesday – I was given hyacinth bulbs by my MIL and typical me, I forgot to bring them out in time from the dark warm place they were germinating.  Cue some very pale leaves but stunning flowers.

Wednesday – it was my first big day of back to back meetings in London with one of my colleagues (I’m supposed to be building up to full time by June) and in the taxi back to Waterloo station the traffic was at a standstill thanks to roadworks outside here …. so I took the time to take some pics.

Thursday – we have a soak-away / pond in our closest field … I just liked the reflections.

Friday – I just like bracket fungii, it’s funky.

Saturday / Sunday were mostly write-off’s in terms of me just needing to rest so no images at all.

Day-55 Day-56 Day-57 Day-58

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