2015 Photo a Day Set 8

I’m catching up … look – another post already (actually this was written immediately following set 7 and scheduled … feeling rather pleased with that).

I’m realising I quite like photographing flowers – not necessarily very good at it yet but they’re pretty and cheerful and colourful.  This one is from a pot of narcissi we were given at the hotel in Lulworth over the weekend.  Daff’s and narcissi are so cheerful and spring like, making me think of the sunny days to come.

Day-47Next … my first missed day.  I don’t remember what happened but there are a few missed days in Feb / March.  Probably being away for the weekend then being back at work was just a little much and I was tired but actually it doesn’t really matter – I’m enjoying playing withe the camera.

Wednesday was out with the dog – this is one of the local fields I used to walk round – It’s triangular and quite funky but since August I’ve not made it right round – I just do the length of the short side twice.  This day – it was my first down vest walk of the year.  It was sunny and warm and not windy and I didn’t need a full coat so needed marked in some way and a photograph worked well.


The next morning, this was the sunrise.  My husband was away so I was doing the morning walk and it was just lovely.  I am debating playing with the light levels a little to bring it up.


And then on Friday my husband returned and look what he brought me!


Now … the next two images will form the basis of a blog post on their own.  Incredibly impressed (even now a month later when I’m writing this) by the 12 year old.  History at school just doesn’t excite him – he’s into science which makes me happy.  His history project was to make a medieval castle out of anything he wanted …. he chose cake as he enjoys baking and it was his way of making a project interesting and enjoyable.  Two days of researching, designing, baking and decorating and one monster cake (the biggest I’d ever made and I made my wedding cake) was done.

Day-52 Day-53

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