2015 Photo a Day Set 7

Well this is a bit late isn’t it.  Here I am writing about February and it’s late March.  You know sometimes how live just gets in the way – well it’s been a little like that.  I have been taking images almost every day but posting about them was just a little much.  Finally, it’s time to start catching up.

Looking back – I am learning more about the camera but there are a few images which are just a bit dark.  I could alter them lots in lightroom but I prefer to remind myself right now of what not to do!

Monday 9th I had a good dog walk, slightly further than I’d made it in a while and there was no wildlife, just nothing until this little fellow alighted on a branch.  Focus issues definitely but he was so bright and chirpy and colourful that he’s staying.


This is one of the slightly dark images – I will get a flash one day probably.  This was the start of an Easter cardie I was knitting.  Kids clothes (especially when stocking stitch) are so nice and quick cause they’re small.  This was my first proper attempt at colour work – quite pleased with how the yoke looks.  You will see this again (and again) as the project progresses.Day-41 Next I was struggling a little with getting out but the local scots pine is huge and majestic so I thought it would be good to focus on trying to capture the sheer scale of him.  I failed miserably at that but loved the patterns in the bark.  It was getting dark so higher iso and f2 on the lens … very shallow depth of field but it sort of works.Day-42 Thursday was a photograph of my christmas cactus (it’s a cutting of my mum’s and must be about 15 years old).  It’s still flowering now in the middle of March.


The next three are all from the same location – we had a (step)child free weekend so excitedly booked a lovely hotel down at Lulworth Cove in Dorset.   Then we realised it was actually Valentines weekend.  Unintentionally romantic.  The three images are a plaster of paris type mould of a shell in the hotel room, looking along the beach from Durdle Door to the Bat Cave and the entrance to Lulworth Cove.  I had to remember to change from my usual lowish apertures (as I seem to focus towards macro) and get used to f11/f16 again for scenery – the first few images were useless!

If you’ve never been it’s well worth a visit – stunning scenery, great food at that hotel (we will be back again), it’s really dog friendly which is fabby for us and watching the light change minute by minute is fantastic.   Day-44 Day-45 Day-46Right – just going to post this and will catch up hopefully quickly ……

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