2015 Photo a Day Set 6

Settling into February and I’m enjoying seeing the mixture of winter and spring and to start with the first two images relate a little bit to the wintry side of the month. Monday, I was up in the office and driving home there was a halo round the sun.  I watched it for about 10 miles (16km) and the found a convenient lay-bay to pull over and grab my camera.  Halo’s are a rather funky optical effect from the sun refracting off ice crystals in the atmosphere.  It was very cool and made a rather dull drive much more interesting.


Then it snowed.  Not much but I’ll take any snow I can get.  Unfortunately it was a very dull morning so no lovely pictures of sunshine glistening off the snow and by the time the sun came out at lunch, the snow had gone.  The young beech tree out the front of the house looked lovely though.


Wednesday is actually the image I had planned for Tuesday but the snow was too exciting.  A vintage / heritage rose.  Just love the colours.


Thursday – I liked the sky through the older beech trees outside the front of the house as the sun set.  Possibly left it a little late to capture the image but I like the effect.


Then Friday – I had a new yarn delivery.  This is for a jumper and I can’t wait to get started so I photographed the lovely colours.


Saturday I had a rare trip into town as I don’t walk very far and town is just busy and horrible and not much fun when you’re walking with a stick on a Saturday lunchtime.  Anyway, there were things that were needed so I took my camera with me and after grabbing the essentials, I detoured to the Cathedral to try and take an image of it.  After about half an hour of decidedly average photography I had something I thought I could use for today and I headed home.  On reviewing them I was not particularly inspired and I definitely did not do the cathedral justice.  Then – with my i-phone at dinner, I grabbed a quick snap of the three boys (we were out for the eldest’s birthday meal) and tbh it was a much better shot than any I had taken earlier (even if the focus is not perfect) so here it is.


Sunday – I was trying for a selfie of my husband and I but when he’s a foot taller than you and you’re holding the camera all you get are odd looking faces with big chins.  Instead, we went for a foot shot with the leeks we’d just liberated from the allotment 🙂


I’m a little excited about next week – my husband and I are escaping for a weekend down to Lulworth Cove on the Dorset coast.  I love the scenery and can’t wait to take my camera (my husband will have his as well – it’s not a competition – honest!)

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