An introduction to the Knitting

It’s not just knitting … it’s THE knitting.   I took this up in 2013 I think, after having learning to knit as a child, not doing any knitting for a very very long time and then with my previous rather energetic hobbies being now out of the question (although I do still live in hope of being able to run again – I don’t need a marathon, just even 5km or 1km would be a good start) I was looking for something else that was a bit more sedentiary.

Like photography, and the allotment, I’m not particularly accomplished.  I’m not even sure I’d go as far as saying that I know what I’m doing but it is enjoyable, relaxing and it does stop you going stir crazy when you can’t really get out and about.

So … I thought as an introduction, I’d just put up a few of the pictures of things that I’ve finished and introduce a couple of the projects I’m working on at the moment.

Lets start with the silly things – there have been a few toys knit (or crochet).   Dippy is one I’m fairly proud of, especially with today’s news that dippy is going to leave the Natural History Museum in London and go on tour.  I love Rhino’s as well so he just had to be crochet’d as well.

Thandi by HeidiBearsPuff (Dippy) the Magic Stegosaurus (Diplodocus) by HeideBears Girl Elephant by Little Cotton Rabbits

Then there’s the childrens clothes.  They are so nice and quick and easy to make.  That said I’m not very good at sizing so the little jacket being modelled was in a drawer for 6 months before it fit and the hat fits adults!

Baby Coat by Sirdar Rudolph and baby coat by Sirdar

Next it’s accessories.  The red shawl is one of my favourites, the hat was quickly knit last weekend to keep me warm and the stripy shawl has been gifted to a friend as I found it a little bit too pink for my liking.  I’m also not 100% sure about garter stitch.  Think I prefer stockingstitch.

Day-26 Earl Grey by Claire DevineBotany by TinCanKnits


Lush by TinCanKnits

I’ve even tried a jumper or two.  Only one is finished.  The other has been sitting since last April waiting to have the ends sewn in.

At the moment I’m working on an Aran style jumper for my husband.  It’s not very far along and has been sitting languishing in a corner for months as my brain has not liked cables.  The recent hat has just shown that I can try again so I may try and start this one up again.   Then there’s a shawl for my mum (another Tin Can Knits design), a pair of socks which I’m using the wrong yarn for as it doesn’t show off the pattern and a crochet turtle for the youngest.  I’ll blog about these separately I think.

So … my mix of knitting … it’s fun and I’m learning 🙂 and I think I’d also like to learn how to photograph them better as well!

p..s i need to work out the links things but will update them so the patterns can be linked to as soon as I can.

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