2015 Photo a Day Set 4

Into week four already and I’m starting to read the manual for the camera.  Quite handy at times but the pics have a long way to go.  This is a short one just showing the pics as I’m a bit later than planned and if I don’t just post I’ll probably not get round to it at all.

Monday last week was a lovely short walk by the river Itchen.  Someone appears to have been trained by the photographer as she sits and poses when the camera is out.  Photobombed by the dog!


Tuesday was sunrise over the local fields.  The colours were just captivating so I tried to capture them and failed to do it justice.   Need to work on landscapes – they’re a challenge.


Wednesday was a frustrating day, I didn’t have my camera when I could have had some fun photographing a heron and then meetings overran and and and and ….. by 9pm stuck in a rather unimpressive hotel in Manchester I gave up, used the iphone and snapped the light and shade from a rather odd looking wall.

Day 21

Then it was off further north to Scotland and there was snow :o)  (I love snow).  So many vague attempts to photograph snow and turbines, black sheep and snow, cool bridges and snow but the light wasn’t great and the clouds were actually the best image of the day.


The rest of the weekend I had my favourite muse …. at dinner, with her very first pair of new shoes and learning to use the telephone!

Day-23 Day-24 Day-25

But then of course – the Sunday selfie was a no show …. so here’s a Monday selfie – my new hat that i’ve just finished making (more about that in another post)


Wonder what I’ll photograph this week?

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