2015 Photo a Day Set 3

Set three already in these photographs.  Wow.  Suppose I better get started then.

Day 12 was damp, dreary and going outside to take anything interesting in the gloom was just not happening.  Instead I’d like to introduce you to trouble (T) who was oh so patient posing for me.  I don’t have a flash so had fun trying to play with the ISO and aperture to get the shutter speed fast enough in the rather poor lighting to stop it blurring.  Not the worlds best photograph but fun to shoot.

Day 12

Day 13 – the sun came out and I wasn’t really for moving from the warmth of the house.  I was given an orchid a couple of years ago now which seems to flourish on my rather haphazard watering scheme.  The sun was shining on it and I spotted that it sparkles so just had to try and photograph it.

Day 13

Day 14 – with work I’d had to go to Oxford so dutifully took my camera and then completely failed to capture anything of interest.  I thought another electron microscope so soon was overkill and taking an image from a speeding taxi or train proved futile.  No matter – I had a very rare evening all to myself so sat down, cast on some stripy socks and drank tea.  It was bliss so has been recorded for posterity!

Day 14

Day 15 – was just fun …. out with the dog sitting on the park bench and throwing stones.  There’s too much light pollution to get good star shots, although the aircraft are fun so another T shot instead.

Day 15

Day 16 I said goodbye to my lovely fabby and wonderful car.  Moving to an automatic will help make things easier for me and it’s also part of the grand plan to start positioning myself to sort out work life balance and hopefully get to a better position health wise.  I had to photograph her before saying goodbye.

Day 16

Day 17 – sunrise.  It was beautiful.

Day 17

Day 18 – this should be a Sunday Selfie and there is one below taken from my half hour at the allotment.  However … I much much prefer my first daffodil of the year photo which I’ve included as well.  I can’t believe there are daffs out already!

Day 18 selfieDay 18

Another week – another random selection of photos.  I’m realising that I don’t seem to photograph people and I find landscapes challenging.  Things I need to work on!

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