2015 Photo a Day Set 2

Just to be clear.  This is not a New Years resolution.  I don’t do resolutions as they tend to be broken.  A challenge however … well that’s something to rise up to and have fun with!

The photos this week are a bit of a mix, one I’m quite proud of and some of the others are a bit middling.

Day 5 was back to work so it felt fitting to take an image on my work environment.  Sitting on my bed with the dog keeping me company.  As I continue to recover I look forward to moving back into my office and my swiss ball for a chair and a proper keyboard and monitor but until then, when I’m not actually physically moving about to do something, this is where I can be found resting.


Day 6 I was lucky enough to get out to walk the dog at lunch.  There was a break in the rain so we pootled out to local fields for her to have a bit of a run.  I liked the contrast of sunlight and rain clouds.


Day 7 was a trip up to the office.  We have some old kit that unfortunately is going to be a struggle to revive – it’s between 20 and 30 years old now so the sad decision was made to scrap it.  For anyone that’s interested – it’s an electron microscope, used for looking at things that are too small to see using optical microscopes.


Day 8 – back out on a dog walk (I try to do two a week).  I was wishing I’d brought my 70-200 (equivalent up to 300 I think on my camera) lens as I saw a bird of prey (probably sparrowhawk) take down a pigeon – it plummeted from the sky, as if from nowhere and then settled in the field to feed, the pigeon did not stand a chance.  Unfortunately I only had my 18mm lens so scenery it was.

Day 8

Day 9 relates to my last blog post – a sneaky shot of my cookery day out.

Day 9

Day 10 is from Winchester where I live in the UK – there is an old watermill right in the heart of the city which has been brought back to life by the National Trust.  I’d actually wanted to take an image of the bridge and the lovely old building but the sun had gone in, it was Saturday afternoon and there were too many people and cars to get a nice clear shot.  Time to look for something else … this image is taken from the mill race, the water level is high so it’s flowing very very fast.  I didn’t have a tripod so braced against the metalwork and am delighted with the result!

Day 10

Day 11 is a Sunday selfie.  I don’t like photographs of myself so my sub challenge is photographing myself once a week on a sunday!  This week is a cheat – I’ve started by photographing my hand and knees.

Day 11

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