Well hello there.  What’s this you’re thinking, yet another blog?  That might actually be the case but I’m hoping you’ll find it amusing, possibly even interesting and enjoyable.  Grab a cuppa, some cake and have a read. A new blog deserves an introduction so here’s a little about me (oh where to start).   I’m Mhairi, in my mid 30’s and am in the middle of switching my life up a bit.   The stable things are my family and a rather daft but loveable dog.


(I wish I could claim credit for this pic but that honour goes to my eldest stepson who is a photographer)

Beyond that, things are a bit changeable.    I developed a chronic illness approaching 3 years ago and my previous hobbies of mountaineering, running, cycling and swimming and anything outdoor are not really an option now.  So … I’ve taken up knitting, baking, photography, growing veg and switch between them depending on the weather, my mood and current physical abilities.


On top of that, I am looking to change my health/life/work balance and have started thinking about a move away from my current career which involves a lot of travel, stress and long hours to something more flexible and home based which will hopefully mean I get to do more than work. So why blog?  I like writing informally and wanted to create an opportunity share not just the highs and lows of my current knitting projects, my photo a day for 2015 challenge or the overgrown disaster that is currently my allotment but also what it is like to develop a new skillset to change career path, hopefully start up a business and see where life takes me. I hope you enjoy reading :o)

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